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We’ve launched our new website and we’re excited to introduce you to our new Site.
Fullypcgames Team is proud to announce the launch of our new website.Our new website provides a free torrent games.
Specially we make this site for Torrent fans who love to download games from torrents.We will try to best on new site and will try to provide all games.Just request the games and get within 24 hours.
So new site name is:
Visit our new Site and share with your friends.
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Mother Russia Bleeds Game
Youtubers Life Game

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48 thoughts on “Download Torrent Games From Fullypcgames New Site

  1. Wow, great iniciative, this site always was a great site with great both new and old games, keep kicking and thanks for all 😀

  2. Asslam-o-Alaikum. Hello.
    I’m Very Happy on your success Admin of this website You are doing a very Good Job.Keep It Up 😀


  4. dear admin,
    I am a big fan of your benefited me a lot but sometimes I got very disappointed when our efforts became useless. for example, recently I downloaded call of duty: ghosts, it was about 20 GB game but after installing it didn’t launch. it was giving an error message ‘Disk read error code-Nvidia’ i tried my best but all in the same type of error rises in call of duty: the world at war. the error is ‘zone/English/code_post_gfx.ff’ i have tried a lot but the game is not being launched.however, I have to delete them. my request is to provide 100% working game or software. this kind of problem irritates a lot. it consumes our time, costly data etc. otherwise you guys working great. I appreciate you. thanks

    1. You are most welcome.
      I understand but our all games are works fine and tested.sometimes graphic cards does not support to these games.

      Follow These steps for call of duty: the world at war
      “After the extraction of all the file the setup will say everything ok.
      Now go to the Zone folder there you will found four files. Now open command prompt here in zone folder . And write the following command.
      Krep -d zone.rep and hit enter, now it will process for some 20minutes. After this completed you will see another file will arrive into the zone folder named zone.rep.srep. now into the command prompt write kaoscmp -d zone.rep.srep and it will again start a process into the cmd .. As soon as the process will be completed you will see a new zip file named which can be ectracted with any of the extractor like winrar or 7zip. After extracting this zip you will see a zone folder into the same directory .. Open it. It will have a english folder cut and paste that folder one directory above ie., Cut and paste this english folder into zone folder above (callofduty / zone) and it will run now.”

      1. dear admin,
        you may be right but as far as know my pc configuration is I downloaded Crysis:warhead, it’s a rar file which is protected by a password. for getting a password there is a site given which ask to complete a type of survey. it’s totally a trap, try to get our sensitive information.could you help me about this password related issue. I am still trying to recover rar password. thanks, you are also a very kind person.

        1. dear admin,
          how can i open a command prompt in zone folder? there is two cmd file 1 KaOscmd 2 Krep but they did not open properly, whenever I double click on them command prompt just blink for nano second and vanished.other than the above 2 file there are 3 files also 3 packjpg_dll.dll 4 zone.pcf 5 zone.rep. please clear it

  5. dear admin, sorry to disturb you again your new site fpgtorrents is not being open for last four days. when I use vpn service it opens perfectly. is it been blocked or what ?

  6. dear admin,
    today I install sniper elite 4 but it’s not being launched.neither direct x is being installed it’s giving an error message when I try to install direct x. another problem is that the game is in the Russian language but it can be page already opens but when I click on play. it doesn’t process further. please help me if you can. meri mehnat bekar ja rahi hain. thanks
    khuda hafiz


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