62 thoughts on “Just Cause 2 Game

    1. it’s about your tam / processor and important thing is graphics ( in games only )
      u never forgot that u have 2.74 gb ram (3) 2.2 Ghz will work tell me the graphics if it more than 256 MB then it will run perfectly !! (in medium setting )
      if lower than 265 MB Graphics u have to make it in the lowest setting and play it will be lagging but not alot like (laggy) u little noob (hooda)

  1. i downloaded this game (just cause 2) but not from this web and didn’t work my computer systen is :
    Ram : 2 GB RAM
    Graphics : 1 GB Graphic Card ( 128 MB Video Graphics )
    Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz (3.00Ghz)
    System type : Windows 7 32-bit
    The Game Was With Repack With +9 DLC
    The Problem Was : When I Start The Mission The Game Closed It Says ( Display Drivers Stopped Working )
    Is it Gonna Work From This Web ?!

  2. I have downloaded the game and when I try it to run it is just going white screen and coming to Normal screen but game is not working
    I have followed all the steps correctly but it is saying just cause is not responding please reply


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