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    1. u have to install an app called (utorrent) then ur gonna download the torrent link here from this webpage for the game u want. just click on the link and it will automatically add it to (utorrent) and there the game is gonna start downloading

  1. hello man when i install it it says steam_api.dll i download it and the it says not enough space in cod bo it requires 384 kb but it doesnt let me erase anything

  2. The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll missing from your computer try re installing program to fix this problem.

    I do re install but same problem how it solve

  3. Mohammed Awais Farooqi · Edit

    Please tell how to play zombies and multiplayer mode…
    I installed the game and its working fine but I can’t play zombies mode and Multiplayer online mode…
    I added the shortcut on steam after pasting crack content in directory… It was requesting internet access and I allowed it but its till says server not available please help… I’m waiting for reply

    1. the solution seems to be to hold “F” instead of pressing it in repeat. then you can go into the next area without any problems.

  4. Please Tell Me How To Enable Steam? A message comes when i open the game
    Steam Must Be Running to enable this Game
    Reply Fast Please Admin

  5. i installed the game it said dx3-dx9.43ll is missing then i downloaded it from link now it says that steam must be runnig to play game what should i do hurry tell me

  6. windows 10 64bit not work this game,

    the procedure entry point steammasterseverupdater could not be
    located in the dynamic link library c:\progra files
    (x86)\activision\call of duty-black ops\skidro\blackopsmp.exe

    1. hey guyz!!

      windows 10 64bit work this game

      1.open sr-codbo winrar (extract to )

      2.mount(sr-codbo) 7.28 GB


      4.open SKIDROW. copy an paste, [C:\Program Files\Activision- Call of Duty – Black Ops] OR [C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision- Call of Duty – Black Ops]

      5.open BlackOps

      6.(d3dx9_43.dll) or (xinput1_3.dll) missing problem.

      also you can download missing files http://fpgameslinks.com/2015/07/dll-missing-files/

      7.copy an paste .(d3dx9_43.dll , xinput1_3.dll) files [C:\Program Files\Activision- Call of Duty – Black Ops] OR [C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision- Call of Duty – Black ops.]

      8.how to fix the sound/audio in call of duty black ops

      go > [C:\Program Files\Activision- Call of Duty – Black Ops] OR [C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision- Call of Duty – Black ops.] > Redist>DirectX>DXSETUP install

  7. downloaded the game, installed it also and running also thanks..
    But i need englsh language how to change???
    No Music in the game … Please Help.

    1. Steps:
      1. Go to your main drive and find the main installation of Black Ops C:/Program Files/Activision/ Call of Duty Black Ops

      2. Go to the folder name “Redist”

      3. Go to the next folder name “DirectX”

      4. In the folder on DirectX find a application file name “DXSETUP”

      5. Install the DXSETUP

      6. Go and open the game (Black Ops)

      7. Go to settings and go to sound

      8. Choose where your sound device/speakers are located and apply the new changes anf it should work



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