126 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 1 Game

    1. 1 extract Assasins Creed 1.exe in the main folder of the file

      2 move the extracted folder to the desktop

      3 start the game with AssassinsCreed.exe


  1. Hey above file size is mentioned as 2.71 GB
    But when you go to download it says 6.42!!!
    This is tooo big man!!! My net speed is not that too good men……It will take a month to get the download finish…..Please can you do something…Please bring it under 5Gb….Request…..
    And yaa 1 more thing that all these games are virus free??? Is is safe to download na??

    1. You have to install an app called (utorrent) then You are gonna download the torrent link here from Blue Download button. just click on the link and it will automatically add it to (utorrent) and then downloading will start.

  2. Admin, Please Tell Me The Best Specification For Windows 7….My budget is 20K….Most of the Games I’ve Downloaded from Your website….Thank You For Uploading All the Awesome Games….

  3. How much file size is needed to be downloaded. I mean in the previous comments i saw that someone said the file size is 6.4Gb (Approximately) . so My question is Do we need to download the size of about 6 gb or the extraction file totally contains 6gb???? Reple me someone pls. How much exactly the download size is????

    1. Because I tried downloading it from bittorent but when i’m going to search for the game it says “No matching results for assasin’s creed 1” uhhmmm… i mean .. How is that ??


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